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How To Watch ESPN Plus On YouTube TV In 2024

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Including ESPN Plus might be a big deal if sports lovers are thinking about subscribing to YouTube TV. The fact that YouTube TV is a large streaming service with a large selection of channels is general knowledge. Sports-focused networks are also available. Still, the only sports details are available on ESPN Plus. A waving service that requires a membership. Here, we explore the potential integration of ESPN Plus with YouTube TV and go over the various methods available to stream this extra sports lineup.

To start, let’s review YouTube TV and ESPN Plus. With an amazing collection of over 85 channels. Including the most well-known sports networks like ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, and more. YouTube TV is a live streaming service for television. However, ESPN Plus functions as a distinct streaming service that provides unique sports content. Including live sporting events, original programming, and documentaries. It’s crucial to keep in mind that ESPN Plus is not a part of the standard YouTube TV bundle and must be purchased separately.

Does YouTube TV have ESPN Plus?

Another way to watch the details is to independently subscribe to ESPN Plus and use your YouTube TV login card. As a stand-alone streaming service Is espn+ on YouTube TV? ESPN Plus provides a variety of live sports events in addition to original programming and other details-only offerings. ESPN Plus subscriptions are available for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Both the ESPN app and the website allow you to sign up. Users can enjoy the ease of using their YouTube TV login to watch a vast array of sporting details when they subscribe to ESPN Plus on their own.

By purchasing the Sports ESPN Plus plan which includes a variety of sports channels. Including beIN Sports, Fox Soccer Plus, Stadium, and many more. You can maximize the quality of your YouTube TV Channels subscription. Even if ESPN Plus is not included with this package. You may still access a huge selection of sports details. You will have more options when you join the Sports Plus subscription which will improve your sports viewing experience.

How to Access ESPN Plus on YouTube TV?

It is unsuitable that YouTube TV does not offer direct access to ESPN Plus. Even if you do have an ESPN Plus subscription. You may still view the details on YouTube TV independently by using the ESPN app or the website. You can access the premium sports details available through ESPN Plus by logging into your account with your login qualification. Although YouTube TV does not allow direct access to ESPN Plus. You may still view its details with your membership by using the ESPN app or the ESPN website if you are already on the platform.

ESPN Plus App

If you want to be able to access ESPN Plus, using the ESPN application is the easiest way to do this. After installing the app on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, go to subscribe. There are subscription choices for ESPN Plus, starting at $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year. You may enjoy live sporting events, special shows, and other original details when you subscribe to ESPN Plus which will improve your sports experience across a variety of platforms.

1. Visit their official website or download the ESPN app to gain access to the ESPN platform on your mobile device.

2. Either the monthly or yearly option can be selected, and after your payment details are provided, your membership will be successfully initiated.

3. Make a fresh account, Use the current ESPN username and password to log in if you haven’t previously.

4. In the settings area of your ESPN account, after logging in, select the settings tab.

5. Once the connection has been made. You will be able to see ESPN Plus details on any device connected to your YouTube TV account.

Using Other Streaming Services

You may consider other streaming choices if you want to be able to watch ESPN Plus and other sports networks. Since ESPN Plus is included in the premium upgrades. Hulu + Live TV stands out as a superior choice. With a Hulu + Live TV subscription, audience members may access ESPN Plus as well as a wide range of live and on-demand sports programming on TV. Fans of sports who wish to expand their viewing options beyond traditional satellite or cable subscriptions now have the flexibility and convenience of this chance.

ESPN Plus Other Options

With its upscale add-ons. Sling TV sets itself apart as a good alternative for people who want to use ESPN Plus in addition to the previously listed options. Because of Sling TV’s versatility, users can add premium channels and services like ESPN Plus to their subscriptions. As part of its packages tailored to sports, such as Sling Orange + Sports Extra or Sling Blue + Sports Extra, Sling TV provides a selection of sports channels in addition to ESPN Plus. Sports lovers now have more chances to view live events and whole details online thanks to the user-friendly streaming platform.

If you’re considering getting YouTube TV on Roku. You might also want to know how many people can use YouTube TV on one account to ensure it meets your household’s streaming needs.

Is ESPN Plus on YouTube TV

YouTube TV’s channel selection does not include ESPN Plus. Is ESPN Plus on YouTube TV? ESPN offers its subscription-based streaming service which offers a variety of features like original programming and access to entire sports details. While ESPN and ESPN2 are among the sports channels available on YouTube TV and ESPN Plus requires a separate membership. The service is available online or via the ESPN app. Since ESPN Plus is not a part of You-Tube TV, those who wish to watch its details would need to sign up for it separately.

What Channel is ESPN on YouTube TV

ESPN is a popular TV network that is often included in the channel lineup of YouTube TV. If you’re wondering what channel ESPN is on YouTube TV, you should be able to find it in the list of available channels. ESPN covers a wide range of sports, from live games to in-depth analysis and other related details. Subscribers to YouTube TV can easily watch ESPN to keep up with their favorite sports and events.

Is ESPN News on YouTube TV

Customers of YouTube TV have the option to watch ESPN News and can make their selections. Is ESPN news on YouTube TV? The ESPN network which provides thorough sports news coverage that includes highlights, analysis, and commentary on a range of sporting events. ESPN News is readily available for YouTube TV users to choose from, allowing them to stay current on sports-related news.


In conclusion, ESPN Plus is not available on YouTube TV. ESPN Plus is a stand-alone streaming service that costs extra and provides exclusive sports content. However, YouTube TV gives users access to ESPN and ESPN2, as well as ESPN News, which provides coverage of sports news. Users must use the ESPN app or website and sign up individually in order to access ESPN Plus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ESPN+ included with YouTube TV?

ESPN Plus is not included in the You-Tube TV.

Where can I watch ESPN Plus?

In the ESPN+ section of the ESPN app on Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Oculus Go, Cox Contour 2, Contour Stream Player, and more, as well as on Apple, Android, and Amazon Fire devices.

How do I add ESPN Plus to my YouTube TV?

ESPN is included in a package of cable TV channels that YouTube TV offers as part of a monthly subscription service that broadcasts live TV. YouTube TV is available on smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices that support it, along with other channels like ESPN.

How much is ESPN Plus with YouTube TV?

$10.99 per month for ESPN Plus.

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