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Top 21 Haunted Places in NYC to Visit in 2024

by Selena Davis
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NYC provides a great variety of used locations as shaking in the conflict among the city that never sleeps. There are so many haunted places in NYC. The bravest to the bravest might all get a chill down the middle from these kinds of screams. These locations have a unique vibe that can make you second-guess yourself and send hair scratching over your body. From strange historical buildings that are empty yet harbor scary images to historical pubs haunted by ghost voices, maybe those who go on ghost tours, but only fools would try to stay the night in these facilities when these made-up stories combine with something real regarding the supernatural activity. 

When you’re getting ready for Halloween, be sure to approach things with a doubtful eye and submerge yourself in the chilling legends of the haunted places in New York City.

1. Morris-Jamel Mansion


Manhattan’s oldest house has witnessed many events throughout its existence. It is about haunted places in NYC. Manhattan played a role as George Washington’s temporary Revolutionary War headquarters and motivated Lin-Manuel. Miranda’s Hamilton rhymes eventfully. There is a house that was owned by Eliza Bowen Jumel, who disgracefully married Aaron Burr. Gossip that Eliza’s spirit may still be present, along with seeing a soldier and a younger girl. If you are up for it, join one of the mansions of supernatural investigation to explore deeper into its mysterious past.

2. Merchant’s House Museum


There is a historical Noho house that built many years ago. The house was once the Tredwell family’s property, and even after the death of Gertrude Tredwell in 1933, her spirit is to have remained. It is the most haunted place in New York. Visitors have seen unusual things, heard strange sounds, and even smelled an unexplainable scent because the house turned into a museum. However, they do not take any of that seriously. Moreover, they tried to make the most of it, and the ghost story is now one of their most popular tours.

3. The Ear Inn


Soho is the oldest drinking place in the city. It is a pub. This historic pub in Soho reputedly has a daily user who enjoys making his presence felt if you grab my flow. It is one of the best places to visit in New York City. In the previous days, this place was a popular hangout for sailors who gathered here for a refreshing drink. They’re still waiting for one of them to go home, and there a ghost named Mickey who reputedly ended tragically. Mickey was a sailboat. He struck by a car in front of the bar. He was dead. In the bar, he was flirting with the ladies.  

4. McCarren Park Pool


In NYC, McCarren Park Pool is a popular destination. We refer to it as a public pool. Attaching is a usual behavior. There is a story about a young girl who might have flooded the area, which she observed at night. It is one of the haunted places in NYC. He let out a loud cry and dialed her number. For this suspected death, an EMF is collecting readings. This death has no record in the public eye. EMF looks into the possibility that they have started an activity in the water or that the temperature has dropped quickly. Photographs from the area indicate a circle. It is not secure for private conversations. 

5. The Former Astor Room


There is an exclusive Kaufman Astoria studio. It is called Former Commissioner. This place is a harbor for the stars of Hollywood. In the 1920s, modern matinee idol Rudolph Valentino used to hang out at the Astoria Cafe when shooting at the old Paramount studios close by, and the Valentino spirit said to a haunted place in New York City. He has spotted in familiar places around Los Angeles, hinting that he probably lives between the East and West Coast. 

6. One if by Land, Two if by Sea


One If by Land, Two If by Sea is a well-known cafe with a distinctive history and food located in the heart of New York City’s West Village. The restaurant’s antiques transport patrons to earlier times, and it is characteristic of a magnificent eighteenth-century carriage house. Paul Revere’s legendary midnight ride during the American Revolution is honored in the restaurant’s name, which furthers its joyful atmosphere. You enter a well-decorated space with soft light and a pleasant, friendly ambiance. 

7. White Horse Tavern


White Horse Tavern was established in 1868. It is called a pub. This historic waterfront pub has seen stevedores and sailors go and come over the years. There is talk that during prohibition, half of it was into private medicine. Time may have passed, but the spirits in this place are still very much alive. They say that one of them is the spirit of a federal soldier from the Civil War. He met his death when he got a deadly cut during a fight and somehow managed to reach the bar’s second floor (later discovered that he died in the bathtub). Planning a vacation? Check out our guide on the Best Road Trips From NYC for an unforgettable adventure.

8. The Octagon on Roosevelt Island


The rotunda, which is in a stunning high-rise, was formerly connected to the New York insane asylum in 1841, as reported by journalist Nellie Bly in her book “Ten Days.” This obtained even greater attention following its release in the madhouse. Although there is still a lot of confusion about the existence of a ghost, several people have claimed to have seen ghostly activity within the structure. According to a New York Daily News report, a local stated that their dog “does an invisible thing around the corner.”  

9. House of Death


The residents who live in Greenwich Village have given the House of Death, located at 14 West 10th Street, a bad reputation and call that place a haunted NYC. Approximately twenty spirits, including those of Mark Twain, roamed the once-private residence. Unusual events have been recounted by eyewitnesses., including unknown odors, ghosts, and ghostly footsteps. However, the stories do not align with the residents’ beliefs, showing that the haunting may be more fiction than fact. However, those interested in haunted New York City ghost stories and supernatural events have continued to be interested in the House of Death. 

10. Landmark Tavern


This Irish pub by the waterfront, established in 1868, has observed the goings and comings of dockworkers and sailors throughout the year. Also, one of its levels was used as a pub during the prohibition period. There are still some surviving individuals present. There is one who is to be the ghost of a Confederate Civil War veteran. The individual who was severely hurt managed to creep to the second floor of the tavern. According to the accounts, his passing took place in a bathtub; however, this is another traveler, a young girl who is supposedly prone to either cholera or typhoid fever. 

11. Algonquin Hotel


Although there ghosts associated with the Cruel Circle, a literary and social group that used to have lunch at the hotel, the administration formally dismisses the rumors. During a big update, a famous writer’s portrait of Dorothy Parker, a member of a key cultural circle, suddenly fell off the wall. Some people’s growing suspicion that the hotel has added to its air of mystery and enchantment. 

12. 85 West 3rd Street


There was a building in 1845 and 1846. This building was the home of Edgar Allan Poe; it was the haunted places in NYC where he enclosed parts of his opus, The Raven. Only one railing appears to still exist from its original design, and there have reported sightings of people next to it. 

13. New Amsterdam Theatre


In the background, the New Amsterdam Theatre is also significantly present, even if Aladdin is entertaining on the main stage. Although Olive Thomas, a former band girl for the Ziegfeld Follies, passed away in 1920, her soul supposed to still reside in the room, according to Playsbill. Everywhere we look, we can feel his clear and plain presence; we can all see his reflection as we come and go it is also one of the haunted places in NYC. May Olive find solace in her soul through this miracle. 

14. Billop Conference House


This 1680 Cross farmhouse was possessed by a British Loyalist named Christopher Billop. Who is said to have slain a female servant who was thought to a Patriot spy in the late 1700s. The murderer and the victim are claimed to haunted by the building, as well as by the ghosts of patrolling redcoats. 

15. The Dakota


One of the most haunted places in New York City is this building. Its apartment block is well-known. Many building residents noticed the ghost of a small girl strolling the hallways, and John Lennon claimed to have seen a figure he called the Crying Lady Ghost” moving about the structure. Yoko Ono claimed to have seen John Lennon’s spirit playing his piano and telling people not to be afraid. Suggesting that John Lennon himself may still be alive.

16. Washington Square Park


We learned from the poltergeist that you do not rise above the dead. This well-known cultural landmark constructed on a mass cemetery that held up to 20,000 graves. Including those of the influenza epidemic of the 19th century.

17. Hotel Chelsea


The Hotel Chelsea, one of the largest systems in the city, created in 1883 and constructed with the best materials available. It has been present for many historic events in New York City. Originally intended to be an isolated, rich residential complex. It swiftly transformed into a sanctuary for people of diverse origins and circumstances, drawing in artists, authors, poets, and other creative types. It became the symbol for many artistic movements and societal transformations, spawning the careers of people. Including Bob Dylan, Andy Warhol, and Patti Smith. Furthermore, the ancient building has also been the scene of unanticipated incidents like Nancy Spungen’s fatal stabbing and author Charles R. Jackson’s dramatic suicide. Additionally, it haunted NYC.  

18. St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery


This place is famous for ghosts, and this spot is very haunted in New York. There is a Peter Stuyvesant who lives in the churchyard. After your second-grade unit on New Amsterdam concluded. He probably wants to make sure you remember him.

19. Manhattan Murder Well

Following his death in 1799, Gulielma Elmore Sands’s remains interred in a ditch on the north side of Spring Street. The pursuer, Levi Weeks, ultimately found not guilty, even though the city had detained and accused him of a crime. The town hall’s well, which said to have killed the unfortunate writer, remains in place. All that remains of the terrifying event and Sands’s ghost are these memories. It’s also haunted places in NYC.  

20. Hell Gate Bridge


Situated between Queens and Wards Island on the East River, the bridge has long associated with uneasiness among New Yorkers, giving rise to an abundance of urban legends and ghost stories that evoke images of terror. Urban Ghosts has heard stories of a frightful steam train ghost that haunts the bridge at night. Moreover, there are eyewitness accounts available of a train that was fated to carry the souls of those who drowned in the sea below. 

21. Belasco Theatre


Along with the sort of talent it attracts. This well-known landmark in Midtown Manhattan and this haunted places in NYC have permanent residents in the form of ghosts. The legend was The Blue Lady, who is to be the soul of the theatre’s previous owner and his loyal companion. Who lived on the flat level above the theatre. Neither the blue woman ghost nor Belasco thought to have given up after he died in 1931. The witnesses claim they frequently saw them either in the audience or on stage during theatre performances. Some claim to have even witnessed them using the lift.


In conclusion, Visiting New York City’s most haunted locations provides a frightening trip through the spooky stories and rich history. These locations offer an exciting look into the supernatural, ranging from haunting accounts of ghost encounters to historic landmarks with deadly pasts. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, visiting these haunted places in 2024 to be an exciting and mysterious experience. Thus, collect your bravery, set out on a spectral exploration, and unearth the mysteries below the surface of New York City’s haunting locations.

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