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Top 21 Best Wedding Dress Designers Trends In 2024

by Selena Davis
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Looking for the perfect wedding dress can be exciting, but it’s essential to take your time and choose the right one to enhance your bridal look. The 2024 bridal dress trends offer a unique combination of elegance and fashion. Brides nowadays tend to go for modern looks, such as off-the-shoulder necklines, illusion bodices, and intricate lace accents. The dress materials are comfortable, and the gowns come in various colors and beautiful decorations. The designers allow brides to express themselves through their outfits, providing options that are suitable for all. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best wedding dress designers to consider.



Gaala is the best wedding dress designers who creates breathtaking and stylish bridal dresses. Their dresses are made using luxurious fabrics that are eye-catching and comfortable to wear. Gaala is a French brand that showcases European craftsmanship and is widely recognized for its exceptional fashion. It was founded by Kelly de Gallon and Alexander Zhalezka, a husband-and-wife duo who work with a team of skilled artisans to bring each design to life. Gala remains one of the top choices for brides worldwide due to its stunning designs and commitment to quality.

Perfect for: The bride looks perfect in the GAALA, the ideal option for their wedding wardrobe.

Explore: gaala.com

Valentine Avoh


Valentine Avoh is a couture design expert who started her line in 2014 after working with designers like Alexander McQueen, Alexis Mabille, and San Andres Milano. Founded in Brussels, Avoh’s designs draw inspiration from vintage Hollywood films and music icons of the past to create adorable, enlightened, humorous wedding dresses. These gowns provide brides with a range of classic elegance and modern styles for their big day.

Perfect for: This is an ideal tradition for attraction and Gatsby vibes. Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald perform their charm in their creations.’

Explore : valentineavoh.com

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Christos Costarellos


Christos Costarellos is a Greek fashion designer with twenty-five years of experience designing and crafting beautiful gowns. His expertise lies in fine detailing and tailoring, and he’s always experimenting with new techniques. His collections feature diverse styles to suit every bride’s vision for her special day. He creates cutting-edge designs to produce lively, fresh, unique pieces. Costarellos’ bridal designs are romantic, with comfortable and luxurious fabrics. His dresses feature intricate lacework and beautiful embroidery.

Perfect for: This is ideal for summer weddings and outdoor parties. It’s also an excellent option for brides who want to look flawless on essential occasions and feel comfortable at their gatherings.

Explore : costarellos.com

Monique Lhuillier


This dress is perfect for a wedding due to its charming and ideal location inspiration. Its style is refined, lovely, and graceful, with a sophisticated design that includes layers, sequins, and flowers. The dress’s elegance is delicate and timeless, and the designs are known for their elegance and luxurious fabric. The gown has graceful embroidery, and the superb craftsmanship and couture-worthy elegance have earned the gowns lavish praise from brides and celebrities alike.

Perfect for: It is ideal for beautiful brides who do not compromise on clothes and look charming.

Explore : moniquelhuillier.com

Claire Pettibone


One of the best wedding dress designers. Claire Pettibone, skillfully combines elegance and beauty in every stunning design she creates. Pettibone is well-known for her bohemian and vintage-inspired wedding gowns. Her creations are captivating because of their exquisite beauty and careful attention to every last detail, which includes feminine silhouettes with romantic flourishes that transport brides to a bygone era of romance and charm. Surprisingly, Pettibone has well-known fans like Nikki Reed, Elizabeth Moss, and Cameron Diaz.

Perfect for: It is ideal for a wedding with a fairytale theme. Its gown is more colorful and has more variation. An alternative to the traditional bridal gown is this.

Explore: clairepettibone.com

Odylyne The Ceremony


Stephanie White, the creator of LA, was the inspiration for this bridal gown. Modern bridesmaids should consider this innovative technique a welcome change of step. Delicate ruffles, flowing skirts, and layers of puff sleeves decorate this gown. Modern brides looking for romantically appealing apparel can find it at Odylyne the Ceremony. Their dresses expertly handcrafted from luxurious fabrics with stunning embroidery and feature flowing silhouettes, intricate needlework details, and surprising components. These beautiful yet carefree styles are perfect for elegant ceremonies and small gatherings, allowing women to express their individuality on their wedding day.

Perfect for:   perfect for those brides who look simple and have a lot of dreams.

Explore: odylynetheceremony.com

Pnina Tornei


This dress was designed by Israeli fashion designer Pnina Tornai, who has gained popularity in America. She frequently appears on TV shows and is considered one of the world’s top bridal gown designers. Layers of lace and Swarovski crystals characterize her designs, and her house name, “Tornai,” is an iconic brand in the bridal industry. The fabric used in her dresses is luxurious, and the designs are bold. Pnina Tornai’s dresses are perfect for brides who want to add romance and glitz to their wedding day. With a focus on quality assurance, Tornai is an exceptional designer who is highly recommended by couples looking for unique wedding outfits.

Perfect for: This dress is ideal for an attraction with a lot of sparkle. This dress is for the romantic who wants to look lovely at her special event.

Explore: pninatornai.com

Halfpenny London


To combine modern bridal style with classic charm, fashion designer and stylist Kate Halfpenny founded London in 2005. It provides brides with various best wedding dress designers options. Including gowns, veil options, and separate pieces like tops, skirts, sleeves, and full gowns to try on. Its blend of vintage and contemporary styles continues to draw in brides searching for elegant yet romantic gowns for their special day.

Perfect for: This is perfect for those brides who want a flexible wardrobe emphasizing glamour.

Explore: halfpennylondon.com

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Oscar de la Renta


Since launching his business in 1965, Oscar de la Renta has been accepted as a significant figure in bridal fashion for a considerable time. Its classic elegance remained even after Oscar left his position as lead designer of his company in 2007. Oscar de la Renta’s collections captivate aspiring brides with their beautiful gowns embodying his style and innovation legacy. The gowns’ graceful detailing and high-quality craftsmanship solidify their position as wedding top picks.

Perfect for: This is perfect for those brides who like all the drama regarding the dress.

Explore: oscardelarenta.com

Emilia Wickstead


Emilia Wickstead is a London-based fashion designer known for her modern yet feminine designs. She is a royal family’s favorite, and Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton have worn her creations on many occasions. Since SS12, her brand has perfectly blended and traditional styles. Her designs are a beautiful combination of modern and classical elements inspired by midcentury and vintage styles. The fabric used in her designs is luxurious and comfortable, making her pieces stylish and comfortable.

Perfect for: This is perfect for a town wedding, whatever the weather. Her dress looks so elegant, and her design is modern. It is the ideal choice for the bride.

Explore: emiliawickstead.com

Jenny Packham


Jenny Packham is the leading authority in bridal gown design, drawing parallels between herself and Coco Chanel. Before anyone even considers proposing, her magnificent designs captivate onlookers and captivating brides-to-be. No other designer could accomplish the graceful details and flawless artistry that Packham masterfully creates in her flattering wedding styles, which radiate classic beauty and impress onlookers simultaneously. Packham is known for fusing elegance and glamour in her stunning bridal style ensembles with delicate elegance.

Perfect for a country and a town wedding, which would look great with this. It would help if you thought about wearing a dress by Jenny Packham for her essential occasion.

Explore: jennypackham.com

Hermione de Paula


Hermione de Paula is a British one of the best wedding dress designers. Who created gowns for Dior, Galliano, McQueen, and Giles for their custom bridal collections. She sells her custom bridal designs under her brand, Hermione De Paula Bridal Collections. Her creations are characterized by beautiful flower patterns with romantic and whimsical undertones inspired by the picturesque English countryside.

Perfect for: This is perfect for an English country wedding in the summer. There is a touch of pastel pink in the fuchsia.

Explore: hermionedepaula.com

Elie Saab


To experience the elegance and beautiful items of Elie Saab’s bridal collections, brides can schedule fittings and appointments at his Paris studio or preview his mainline wedding line, which is only available through a select few shops. Elie Saab, a famous expert in haute fashion, creates collections that effortlessly blend classic, timeless styles with romantic, contemporary accents.

Perfect for: This is perfect for the classic magnificence of a town or country. Also, the designer offers a selection of accessories for brides who wish to wear everything Elie Saab on their wedding day.

Explore:  eliesaab.com

Alice Temperley


British designer Alice Temperley creates stunning wedding gowns. Her online clothing stores has charming designs and flowers, as well as signature embroidery. Silk is used to make this apparel. Her dress is adorned with lace as well.

Perfect for: This is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Explore: temperleylondon.com

Vera Wang


Vera Wang is one of the best American designers. Her designer dress gown is the best choice for her special event. This designer dress is a bride’s dream. It looks so elegant and stunning.

Perfect for: This is perfect for a party celebration. The Vera bride looks so elegant.

Explore: verawang.com

Vivienne Westwood


Wedding dresses by Vivienne Westwood are the ideal choice for her classic British heritage with a modern twist. They offer brides a unique way to display their freshness and uniqueness by skillfully fusing elegance with an edgy edge. Imagine surprising features, such as thigh splits and corseted bodices, lavishly adorning silk fabric. Then, imagine dense layers of tulle on the skirt, creating a striking contrast between volume and texture.

This is perfect for those who rock and roll on their wedding day.

Explore: viviennewestwood.com

Charlie Brear


One of the best wedding dress designers. They dress in their typical bridal fashion. Their love is reflected in their art. They create more captivating designs. It is a personal assortment. Designer saches, silk skirts, and sleeves are only a few stylistic pieces. It’s pretty helpful for a bride who exudes confidence and looks stunning.

Perfect for: This is perfect for those brides who are bohemian and seeking a truly distinctive style.

Explore: charliebrear.com

Sassi Holford


Sassi Holford designed this bridal gown. The outfit was produced by hand. England is the place of manufacture. This is the ideal gown for any bride. Her dress features a lengthy train, a high neck, and long sleeves. This dress looks so classy. It’s among the most fabulous bridal gowns available.

Perfect for: This is the most excellent ready-to-wear selection, ideal for individuals who want to dance the night away.

Explore: sassiholford.com

Caroline Castigliano


With her beautiful wardrobe, Caroline Castigliano has been the face of elegance for 28 years, setting the bar for lavish bridal and formal wear for brides everywhere! A few exclusive stores worldwide provide her primary wedding line, blends style and grace in luxurious packaging, to prospective brides.

Perfect for: This is ideal for ultra-feminine dresses.

Explore: carolinecastigliano.com

Carolina Herrera


One of the top designers of wedding dresses is Carolina Herrera, whose creations perfectly capture the bride’s vision. This elegant dress features a shoulder that perfectly frames the bride.

Perfect for: This is perfect for a traditional bride.

Explore: carolinaherrera.com

Phillipa Lepley


The gorgeous handcrafted dress by Phillipa showcases class, elegance, simplicity, and timeless grace. Phillipa has become a hot wish list item for weddings since she is known for making women appear more attractive by reducing waistlines further down their body frames. The skilled staff at their South Kensington works offers personalized ideas on shapes, materials, and corsetry that complement each bride’s unique preferences without being busy or confused.

This is perfect for holding countryside weddings in imposing British castles.

Explore: phillipalepley.com


In conclusion, 2024 will be a fantastic year for bridal fashion! There are many options for all future brides in this year’s outfit selections. “From Gaala’s classic elegance and stunning fashions from Valentine Avoh to Monique Lhuillier and Claire Pettibone’s beautiful beauty and boho appeal, each bride can find her ideal gown.” Amazingly, brides can find precisely what they want from this wide range of best wedding dress designers. When choosing their gowns. Halfpenny London and Elie Saab offer elegance and flexibility, while Pnina Tornai and Oscar de la Renta offer drama and glamour, among many other options. Alice Temperley and Hermione of Paula both provide lovely floral creations.

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