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Blink Indoor Camera Review In 2024

by Selena Davis
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The best security camera is the Blink indoor camera and its ring stick-up camera battery is $20 less than the ring model. Blink Indoor is the best security camera for $79.99. Its battery life is 1080p. It has a sharp video camera and correct motion detection. It has no wishes that necessitate it. This is best for easy installation. There is a wireless hub and it requires a ring camera. It is also weatherproof in the outdoors. There is an indoor model that works with Amazon Alexa Voice. This platform can carry out and support third-party integrations with the help of IFTTT applets. Its value is stronger than the ring model. While both cameras do not have all the features found in our Editor’s Choice winner the $129.99 SimCam 1S.

Blink Indoor Design and Features

The Blink Indoor camera  features have an identical design and measurements to the Blink Outdoor. Also, it is provided with the same Sync Module Wi-Fi hub. The product comes with a white case instead of a black one. But it is not designed to withstand different weather conditions. It is measured at 2.7 by 2.7 inches, which is 1.2 inches, and it is generated by two AA batteries that give up the best battery life for two years. To change the batteries simply let out the screw located on the back of the camera and take off the cover. 

The Blink indoor camera has amazing features with one being the ability to record video at 30 fps with a wide angle of view of 110 degrees. The quality of the video is equally as good as that of the color video in dim surroundings. Thanks to its in-built infrared LED for black-and-white night vision. Moreover, you can make phone calls with the two-way audio communication system using this smartwatch’s built-in speaker and microphone. Its temperature sensor provides quick room temperature readings and permits users to set temperature alert boundaries for improved convenience. Along with the camera LEDs that show its active status and activation of the night vision mode this contributes to its serviceability. 

No WiFi radio is available at Black Indoor. Using radio frequency technology, the camera connects to the Sync Module hub which has a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi radio and allows for optimal integration with your home network. The hub is small measuring 0.7 inches in height, 2.3 inches in width, and 2.5 inches in length. It has a tiny USB AC power port, a USB-A port for easy storage device connection, and LEDs for Wi-Fi and power status. To save event-triggered video clips, use a USB stick (storage is not provided).

The Blink can work hard thanks to its internet connection. By using voice commands to arm and disable the camera and to broadcast video to an Echo Show device, Amazon Alexa makes it simple for users to operate the camera. Siri, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are not supported by the camera. IFTTT applets however can used to connect the camera to other smart devices.

Enable cloud storage for your video clips by connecting the Blink outdoor camera to your home router. The user can benefit from rolling storage for a single camera for 60 days with the basic storage plan which costs $3 per month or $30 annually. Moreover, Blink’s Photo Capture will snap a picture every hour and combine them into a movie that will disclose all the information about the events that may have caused the motion. For customers with many cameras, the Plus plans will be available for $10 per month or $100 per year. Among the benefits are turn-to-photo and 60 days of rolling storage for an infinite number of cameras. 

A Strong Choice for Affordable Home Security

If anyone is looking for an indoor security camera and the best is Blink Indoor Camera Review. This camera is easy to use and brings sharp videos and exact motion detection. The device operates through Alexa voice commands and can operated by third-party smart devices via IFTTT applets. If you have a subscription the device will automatically start recording video as soon as it detects any motion and securely stores it in the cloud. Also, you have the option to link a USB drive to the hub, enabling you to save your videos directly onto the drive. 

Given its features, the Blink Indoor Camera Review offers excellent value at $79.99. However on amazon digital get favorite pick for individuals seeking more functionality is the $129 SimCam 1S. This opportunity has extra features such as face popularity, smart notifications, mechanical panning, and support for Google Assistant voice commands, moreover being Alexa-compatible. However if you’re on a tighter budget we recommend the Wyze Cam Pan which is a low-cost indoor camera choice for just $29.99.99. While it can’t match the best video quality available. It can provide free cloud storage and mechanical panning. 

Easy Installation, Excellent Performance

An indoor blink camera is present and works quickly. On my device, the application was already installed. But if this is your first blinking device You can get the app if you register. 

Place the Sync Module in line with the on-screen directions to begin the installation process. To do this, you must first name the device, scan the QR code, and connect it. When the module’s LEDs are turned on. They first flash blue before turning bright green. To connect, set up the module in your Wi-Fi network, and approve any necessary software upgrades, click “Discover Device” next. 

Having taken off the camera’s back panel, I proceeded to insert the batteries and then tapped the plus icon located in the top right corner of the app. There is a list of options for the blink wire camera. Its QR code is scanned and located in the camera battery, and the panel is removed. It took a moment for the app to accept the camera, but once a firmware upgrade was completed it was all set for use. 

In a trial, the Blink indoor camera review performed wonderfully. It has the highest-resolution images and the most vibrant daytime video presentation. The well-lit black-and-white night video offered excellent contrast and sharp visibility. On an outside camera there’s slight movement at the edge of the camera’s field of view but it’s still very little. 

Movement detection proved to be successful during the check-out process because signals were immediately received for each incident, along with related movies. Excellent sound quality was offered by the two-way audio feature with very little noise interference. Also, using Alexa voice commands to stream video to an Amazon Echo Show is carried out without any issues. 

Our Experience with Blink Indoor

One of the smaller cameras is the Blink indoor camera. Which thought to about 2.7 inches in size, flat, and lightweight, with a removable support. The Blink Mini a little easily displayed camera you can put anywhere in your home. However, it shouldn’t be so small that it appears cheap or ineffectual.

Blink Mini is a small camera. If you are looking for the best camera that you can put anywhere in your home. You can operate the device without thinking about its distance from power sources. Blink Indoor comes first over its mini.

Their design is more elegant. It is very light, and it is affordable. Its user-friendly design well-defined, as observed in our review of the Yi Home 3 camera, a reasonable, easy-to-use alternative for individuals seeking to energize their security measures without experiencing excessive costs. 

If you’re wondering how to use Apple Pay on Amazon. You’ll find it’s a convenient and secure way to make purchases. Additionally, knowing how to redeem an Amazon gift card can help you make the most of your balance and enjoy shopping for a variety of items on the platform.

Blink Home Monitor App

For Blink devices consider the Blink Home Monitor app as your one-stop shop. Providing you with easy control and monitoring features. With the application, users can view vibrant motion, generate recordings, change camera settings, and access crystal-clear live videos from the app. Controlling several cameras to watch the same or various areas using a single account is simple. Thanks to the app’s user-friendly design. For anyone looking to keep an eye on multiple locations be it a family member’s house or a vacation rental this function makes the Blink Home Monitor app a good option.  

Though there are some issues and the software does appear to be chill. According to viewer reports, the program might become unstable and occasionally skip messages or display dark screens when live. The App Store and Google Play have given this category an average grade. Customers who use the app to monitor and operate Blink devices may become upset due to its unreliable performance.


In conclusion, the Blink Indoor Camera is a top choice for affordable home security. Offering easy installation, sharp video quality, and accurate motion detection. It can controlled through Alexa voice commands and integrated with other smart devices using IFTTT applets. While it may not have all the features of higher-end models. It provides excellent value at $79.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blink a good indoor camera?

Although the camera is good in and of itself. Blink’s smart-home experience falls short of competing products.

Does an indoor camera record all the time?

It records for 60 seconds, pauses for 10 or more seconds, and then resumes scanning for movement.

How long does a Blink indoor camera last?

Blink indoor cameras lastfor up to two years.

Which is better, Blink or ring doorbell?

Ring doorbell gains the upper hand.

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