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How to Get YouTube TV on Roku in 2024

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Fans of Roku and YouTube TV who were watching predictions that would cause delays for their preferred platforms. Became worried as December 2024 approached. If you are interested in how to get YouTube TV on Roku, it is easy. The YouTube TV era of Roku might come to an abrupt end. There’s uncertainty but it has resulted in a positive shift in customer preferences. Moreover, to ensure that the native YouTube application was accessible for Roku devices. Roku and YouTube’s parent corporation reached an agreement that permitted YouTube TV to be brought back to the Roku platform. Users who primarily depend on Roku and YouTube TV for their entertainment needs have collectively expressed relief. Saving the decision and assuring that they will continue to have a flawless waving experience if they are well-known.

Roku users who already subscribe to YouTube TV were happy to hear this news. It also provided comfort to potential Roku customers who were doubtful about purchasing the device. Because they were concerned about not being able to access YouTube and YouTube TV.

YouTube TV Price & Free Trial Offers

There is a support package available on YouTube TV for $64.99 a month. Customers that sign up for this package have access to over 85 channels covering a variety of content categories. Including sports live, lifestyle, news and entertainment, and more.

ESPN, NBA TV, NFL Network, MLB Network, and many more channels are available on YouTube TV to satisfy the demands of sports lovers. A variety of entertainment alternatives. Including Disney, FOX, MTV, E!, and The CW, are available to viewers. YouTube TV promises that it can please all kinds of viewers with its large selection of alternatives.

How to Get YouTube TV on Roku

Turn on your Roku device: Verify that your Roku device is turned on and connected to the internet.

Navigate to the Roku home screen: To access the main screen, use your Roku control.

Select “Streaming Channels”: By going to the bottom of the “Streaming Channels” function and selecting it from the menu that appears on the left side of the screen, you may find “Streaming Channels.”

Search for YouTube TV: To discover YouTube TV. Use the Channel Store’s search function. You can either use the on-screen keyboard to type “YouTube TV” or, if your Roku remote control is compatible, use voice search.

Add YouTube TV to your channels: Choose the channel and then the feature to link the channel to your Roku device. If you locate the YouTube TV application.

Sign in to your YouTube TV account: After installation, the Roku Home screen allows you to visit the YouTube TV channel. Once you have your account login details. Follow the on-screen steps to log into your YouTube TV account.

Start watching: After completing the sign-in process. Your Roku device will allow you to view live TV and on-demand content on YouTube TV right now.

What Is YouTube TV?

A monthly membership is required to access YouTube TV, a service provided by Google in partnership with YouTube. Customers of the service can stream a wide variety of content over the internet and get access to a wide selection of live television channels. Top networks. Including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, ESPN, CNN, and many more, are available for users to watch live TV on. Further features offered by the service include personalized suggestions based on viewers’ viewing preferences and cloud DVR, which lets users record live broadcasts for later viewing. Gliding media players like Roku, Apple TV, and Chromecast, as well as smartphones, tablets, and PCs, may all used with YouTube TV.

If you’re new to YouTube TV. You might want to learn how to use it effectively. Including features like how to record on YouTube TV to catch your favorite shows and movies at your convenience.

How to Watch YouTube on Roku

You also have the option to use the free YouTube app in its place. There are several options for watching details in the YouTube app after you’ve linked the YouTube channel to your Roku device.


You can successfully arrange your stored videos by accessing your playlists once you’ve logged into your YouTube account and successfully logged out. Using the menu on the left sidebar, you can quickly add videos to your playlists while browsing YouTube.

Guest Account Access

With the help of the guest account option offered by the Roku YouTube app, users can access Google Account and enjoy an endless amount of details in Google Profile.

YouTube Premium

YouTube Premium users can access the entire options and content with YouTube Premium, an online subscription service. All YouTube videos can be seen without advertisements, and users can download them for offline viewing. They can also access YouTube Originals and stream, download, and play music offline with YouTube Music Premium. These memberships can improve the YouTube experience for users and are available to both individuals and families.

Rentals and Purchases

Consumers who use The Roku YouTube app offer the advantage of allowing users to purchase movies and TV shows straight from the app. They can also access the already-purchased content on Google Play Movies, TV, and YouTube. The app’s library feature allows users to access their past purchases.

How to Get YouTube Kids on Roku TV

You must first visit the Roku Channel Store in order to install YouTube Kids on your Roku TV. Roku Channel Store through the home screen. To locate YouTube Kids, use the search function. Proceed to incorporate the YouTube Kids app into your channels. After that, how to get YouTube Kids on Roku TV Launch on the home screen after the installation is finished. A prompt may provide you with the choice to log into your YouTube Kids account or make your own profile inside the program. Your youngster may begin pursuing a variety of kid-friendly content. Including playlists, videos, and channels, as soon as they log onto the app.

How to Get YouTube on TCL Roku TV

Start by using the remote to go through your Roku homepage screen in order to connect to YouTube on your TCL Roku TV. The Roku Channel Store will then be accessed. To locate the YouTube app, use the search feature when you’re inside the Channel Store. After locating and opening the YouTube app, add the channel to the Roku device by clicking on it. Return to the Roku home screen and open the installed YouTube app along with the channel selection. To view your own details, you will need to log in with an existing YouTube account. If not, you can immediately start watching YouTube videos.

If you’re considering subscribing to YouTube TV. You may want to know how much YouTube TV costs. As well as how to cancel YouTube TV if you decide it’s not the right fit for you.

How to Get the YouTube TV Code on Roku?

In order to obtain the YouTube TV code for your Roku device, start by launching the YouTube TV app and entering your account details. Navigate to the profile or settings section of the program after logging in. How to get the YouTube TV code on Roku? You will notice that there are two opportunities in this section: “Link Television” and “Link to TV with code.” A unique code will show up on your display when you select this option.

The code that appears on your Roku device’s screen will need to entered if the website prompts you. Utilize your Roku device to confirm the URL. You will receive an email confirming the transaction if it is successful. By doing this, customers can sure that their Roku device is successfully linked to their YouTube TV account and can easily view live television content.


In conclusion, Roku and YouTube TV have come to an agreement to guarantee that You-Tube TV is still available on Roku devices, which will relieve current Roku users and entice new ones to buy the device. By following a few easy steps, users may install YouTube TV on Roku with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does YouTube TV Work?

With the help of YouTube TV, users can stream more than 100 live TV stations.

Is YouTube TV Free?

YouTube TV does not have a free edition.

Does YouTube TV Have On Demand?

Live and on-demand material are combined in one streaming service called YouTube TV, giving users the best of both worlds.

Does YouTube TV Have DVR?

The DVR on YouTube TV has no storage space restrictions.

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