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32 Best Bully Dog Breeds in the World

by Selena Davis
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The term Bully Breeds refers to a broad category of breeds, each with unique characteristics. While the pug, bulldog, boxer, American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Boston Terrier are among the bully dog breeds frequently associated with this group. This article grouping can also contain a wide variety of other breeds.

Their personalities and temperaments can differ greatly, yet they frequently have similar physical characteristics, such as strong, muscular bodies and distinctive facial features. Many breeds are renowned for their devotion, affection, and loyalty to their family members. It’s imperative to acknowledge however that bully dog breeds belonging to these breeds may exhibit distinct temperaments and behaviors. They are shaped by factors such as a dog’s genetic makeup, socialization patterns, and training.

If you’re thinking about bringing a bully breeds into your home, you should do your homework and become completely familiar with the unique needs and characteristics of the breed. Furthermore, interacting with different bully dog breeds and observing their behavior will enable you to assess each dog’s personality and suitability for the family’s daily schedule and environment.

American Bulldog

American Bulldogs are often referred to as “bully dogs”, are  renowned for having powerful builds and an intimidating appearance. They typically have a broad head, a broad chest, and a characteristically small snout. Although their fur comes in a variety of colors as white is the most common color, with black, red, or brindle markings.

To their family members, American Bulldogs are without a doubt devoted and loyal. They have established robust bonds with their owners and exhibit similar protective traits toward them for making them a well-known breed. Early socialization and appropriate training enable them to become successful watchdogs who are observant, polite, and situationally adaptive.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier breed is well known for being kind and possessing remarkable qualities. They exhibit wisdom, kindness, and gregariousness. They are also resolute and frequently exhibit a protective impulse for the people they care about. It’s crucial to include some details on their past responsibilities and genetic makeup.

Staffordshire Bull Terriers and certain other bully dog breeds have historically been associated with bull and bear-baiting. It is crucial to note that these practices are now illegal and highly condemned.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bulls  or “Pitties” are a well-known canine breed in America often referred to as “bully dogs” that are distinguished by their large, powerful bodies, sturdy build, and characteristic almond-shaped eyes. They wear a range of colors and patterns, from basic to tuxedo-inspired.

Pit bulls can make devoted and caring pet friends for families with the right training, socialization, and upbringing. They flourish in environments where they get attention, love, and direction from their owners, just like all bully dog breeds do. In order to shape desirable behaviors and build a bond with Pitbulls and their families, positive reinforcement training approaches can be quite effective.

Bull Mastiff

A bull mastiff is also known as “bully dogs” recognized for its kind nature, bravery, excitement, and devotion to the dog. They have amazing strength and a robust build, as well as a trainable temperament and vivacious demeanor. Bull mastiffs need stimulation to keep their minds busy and to guarantee contentment and engagement, much like other intelligent breeds.

A unique breed resulting from a cross between mastiffs and bulldogs, bull mastiffs is a crossbreed that combines the courage and strength of the mastiff with the quickness, dexterity, and strength of the bulldog. The breed is well-known for its steadfast devotion and instinctive protectiveness, making them excellent guard dogs and cherished family members.


In the mass of dog breeds, boxers stick out thanks to their distinctive physical characteristics and lively temperament. Their distinctive features include a small, wrinkly muzzle and powerful jaws. Boxers are adored for their vibrant spirits and endearing speech patterns. They are acknowledged for their exuberant and energetic personalities.

Boxers are available in a range of colors, such as white, fawn, and brindled. Their appeal is enhanced by these colors. In spite of their size, they are well known for having a friendly and compassionate demeanor, particularly when interacting with children. They frequently have the ability to create strong relationships with their family members and take pleasure in engaging in day-to-day activities.

Bull Terrier

The key characteristics that set bull terriers are also known as “bully dogs”, apart are their small, deep eyes and their characteristic egg-shaped heads, which give them a distinct flair. Their unusual head shape sets them apart from other breeds and gives them a distinctive appearance. Their breed’s powerful, muscular bodies are a reflection of their vibrant, energetic lifestyle. Bull terriers are one of the most popular bully breeds, offer several different colors  including red, white, and even brindle Bull Terriers. They are both unique and exquisite.

Bull Terriers are intelligent creatures that achieve remarkable progress with constant training and reinforcement, even though they are well-known for being stubborn. They can develop into obedient and well-behaved pets with the correct training and supervision. They also become devoted companions for their owner because of their loving and affectionate disposition.

Cane Corsos

Cane Corsos are well-known for their stature, commanding demeanor, and refined appearance. The bully breed is known for its huge bodies and unique body shapes, which emanate a sense of strength and confidence. Being one of the bully breeds, this specific dog breed was used for farming and hunting.

The intelligence and simplicity of the training of the Cane Corso set it apart. They are quick to pick up new tasks and commands and possess keen wits. They like taking part in the owner’s training sessions and thrive on mental challenges. Cane Corsos can succeed enormously in obedience training and other dog-related activities by using consistent and positive reinforcement techniques.

Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Another name for a Caucasian shepherd dog is a Caucasian Ovcharka. Originating from the Russian Caucasus Mountains and the Caucasian Ovcharka breed. Because of their extensive history of protecting livestock in the difficult terrain of the Caucasus, the breed was especially created to defend animals.

Because of their strong protective instincts and territorial nature, Caucasian Shepherd Dogs require early engagement and ongoing training in order to ensure that they are content and well-adjusted pet companions. Bully dog breeds are violent by nature and require expert handling, new dog owners are typically advised against adopting them.

Dogo Argentino

The Dogo Argentino was developed in Argentina for the purpose of hunting big game, particularly pumas and wild boars. The dogs were developed with the intention of making them robust and intimidating, which helped them to hunt down the most dangerous predators by cooperating well with other dogs. The dogo Argentio is considered one of the most popular bully breeds due to its strength.

Due to their ancestry as hunters. Dogo Argentinas usually possess an animal body that is powerful and muscular. Typically, their recognizable white fur is thick and long. Their coats are mostly white. But occasionally they have a few spots or black marks. The main color is a pure white.

English Bulldog

Among the bully breeds, the English Bulldog is one of the most popular bully dog breeds. The English Bulldog is distinguished from other breeds by its unique characteristics. Which include an upside-down jaw with pointed teeth, a face wrinkled by thick folds, and a short muzzle.

This English Bulldog breed has a striking appearance that is both powerful and attractive due to its unique facial traits. Despite its somewhat somber appearance. This breed is renowned for its kind and gentle nature. Which makes it a cherished member of the family and a friend.

Great Dane

A Great Dane’s cheerful appearance, natural sense of security, and loving and kind conduct are well-known. Its gentle, calm, and loyal nature, coupled with its magnificent stature. Make it an ideal choice for both a devoted companion and a cherished family member.

The Great Dane’s enormous stature is really impressive. They are among the biggest dog in the world, with powerful muscles and the ability to reach high peaks. Many family members find them appealing because, despite their size. They have a kind disposition.

 Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff is well-known for its large frame, muscular look, and unique form. Which includes numerous skin folds and wrinkles. The powerful and graceful nature of the breed is a result of these traits.

Neapolitan mastiffs have a strong protective instinct and exhibit a great degree of attachment to their family members. It is in their nature to be suspicious of outsiders. They are also renowned for being excellent security dogs. Whose menacing presence deters criminals.

Olde English Bulldogge

These breed qualities offer the impression of a dog breed with unique, enticing traits that are connected to the English Bulldog, in addition to displaying unique physical and behavioral traits. Families looking for a pet with the personality of a bulldog combined with unique qualities that suit their own tastes and needs are likely to be drawn to this breed.


The affectionate and lively attitude of pugs makes them amazing animals. It is considered one of the most popular bully dog breeds. Since they are often quite good with children and other dogs. Their playful personalities often attract their owners. Even though they might be playful, pugs are also loving and enjoy spending time with their family. In general, they respond well to training because of their intelligence and desire for fun. Resistance, though, might occasionally arise. All things considered, people and families find pugs to be fantastic friends.


It is well known that Rottweilers regard their families with love and gentleness. They typically exhibit a strong attitude towards the individuals they care about, are highly loyal, and are simple to teach. Roman mastiffs are the ancestors of these breeds. Being working dogs, Rottweilers have a long history. Their adaptability and intelligence have also received recognition.

Starting at a very young age, it is essential to provide Rottweilers and other dog breeds with the right education and socialization. This is essential to make sure they develop into capable and obedient pet buddies. Providing children with mentally stimulating toys and activities will help to keep their minds occupied and keep them from getting bored.

While exploring the world of dogs, you’ll find insights into the most expensive dog breeds alongside a comprehensive list of the top 10 small dog breeds.

Renascence Bulldogge

The Renascence Bulldogge is exhibiting a wide range of characteristics that make it a remarkable and well-liked breed. It is the perfect family companion for someone who likes an active lifestyle because of its loving nature, eagerness, and boundless energy.

Renascent Bulldogges can occasionally be powerful and independent, but with the right socialization and training, they will grow up to be amiable and considerate pet owners. The breed is renowned for displaying a kind demeanor toward the people they care about, demonstrating their love and devotion to their human partners.

Bhote Kukur

It is the Himalayan sheepdog, often known as the Himalayan mastiff, which originates in the Himalayan region. It has long been thought of as a safeguard against predators for cattle. Magnificent in stature, the breed possesses courage, strength, and endurance, all of which make it ideal for the demanding work of the rugged mountain terrain.

With its unwavering defense instincts and loyalty to family, the Himalayan Sheepdog is an ideal companion and guardian for people living in hilly or rural settings. Given its size and protective nature, good relationships with people and animals require a proper introduction to socialization and training from an early age.

Victorian Bulldog

Victorian Bulldogs sometimes known as Olde Victorian Bulldogges, are known for being robust, strong canines with unusual physical traits that evoke recollections of their former lives. The Victorian bulldogs have a strong, muscular build that demonstrates their bulldog ancestry. Typically, they have a powerful and compact torso, muscular legs, and a massive chest.

During the late 1980s, English bulldog breeders made a concerted attempt to replicate the Victorian-era style of the breed. Improving the animal’s overall health and addressing health issues were the main objectives of this endeavor. Breeders painstakingly crossed English Bulldogs with other breeds, such as Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Mastiffs, and Bull Terriers, in order to accomplish this target.

Brazilian Mastiff

The dog breed that originates from Brazil that you may be referring to is called the Fila Brasileiro, sometimes known as the Brazilian Mastiff. It was originally designed to hunt big animals like jaguars, protect farms, and track down fugitives from enslavement. The Fila Brasileiro has a strong sense of self-defense in addition to an amazing body.

Their steadfast commitment to and loyalty to their families win them acclaim. They typically act as a family’s protector and have a tendency to be caring and fond toward their owner. Nevertheless, if they are not taught and socialized, they may be suspicious of strangers and even violent toward them or animals.

Bordeaux Bulldog

The Dogue de Bordeaux, also referred to as the French Mastiff, is a breed renowned for its devotion and guarding nature. These French canines are renowned for their bravery, hardiness, and loving personalities toward their family members. It is undeniable that Dogue de Bordeaux dogs require both frequent training and early socialization. They could exhibit stubborn, strong-willed qualities despite their caring and devoted nature. Knowing when to set limits and support appropriate behavior starts early in life.

The Dogues of Bordeaux are adored for their devotion and love for their families. This makes their companions exceptional. They are renowned for their kindness and affectionate disposition, specifically toward their human companions. They are able to adjust and thrive in a variety of settings, making them a wonderful addition to homes that are loving.

Bantam Bulldog

The Old English Bulldog bears a striking similarity to the English Bulldog, but it is larger, has a more athletic build, and has a more understated demeanor. Before significant structural changes were made, the breed was specifically developed in the 19th century to mimic the original bulldog.

Catahoula Bulldog

The two parent breeds qualities and characteristics may be inherited by Catahoula Bulldogs. They may look different but they usually have massive heads, medium-sized ears, and muscular bodies. They might have a variety of colors and patterns in their coats that mimic the unique coat patterns of Catahoula leopard dogs.

Dogs that are extremely loyal to their family members typically develop close relationships with them. They may exhibit protective behavior toward family members and exhibit signals of being near their owner in need of love and attention. Dogs devotion to and desire to please their owners is a sign of their loyalty.

Majorca Mastiff

The Mallorquin Mastiff also known as Ca de Bou or Perro de Presa Mallorquin, has its origins in the Spanish Balearic Islands, namely on the island of Majorca. These canines were employed for many different tasks over time, including estate, farm, and harbor security.

Cap de Bou Strong physical attributes, a powerful bite, and a protective nature are what make Ca of Bou special. Renowned for their instinctive protectiveness and fidelity to their families, the Ca de Bou are known for both. They develop close relationships with their owners despite being uncomfortable and aloof around outsiders.

Pyrenean Mastiff

The breed of dog mentioned here is the Pyrenean Mastiff which originated in Spain and is renowned for its ability to guard cattle in the Pyrenees Mountains, which serve as both Spain and France’s borders. They look rather different with long, white fur with dark or black patterns sets them apart, along with their robust build and enormous stature.

In hilly areas, shepherds have utilized Pyrenean mastiffs for ages to protect sheep flocks from wolves and bears. Their peaceful and steady demeanor, coupled with their devoted and protective attitude toward their sheep, have won them accolades.

English Boston-Bulldog

Typically both breeds’ characteristics are inherited by Boglen Terriers. Both the robust build and substantial stature of the English Bulldog and the unique characteristics of the Boston Terrier are present in them.

Playfulness, loyalty, and affection are qualities that are common to both English Bulldogs and Boston Terriers, as well as other breeds. They may grow up to be fantastic family pets if given the right training, socialization, and attention.

Spanish Mastiff

The Mastiff of Spain is certainly one of the breeds that have roots in Spain and was traditionally used as a dog guardian for animals. They are well-known for their enormous size, robustness, and muscular build. They have a massive cranium supported by a robust, square-shaped nose. Spanish mastiffs usually have medium-length coats that range in texture from smooth to slightly rough.

Serrano Bulldog

It’s thought that official breed recognition for Serrano bulldogs lacking. The deficiency of accessible data is the outcome of this. Perhaps a specific bully breed of bulldog in Brazil’s dry Serrano regions goes by this moniker locally or regionally. Providing complete information about this breed of Serrano Bulldog, however, is a difficult task due to the absence of precise information or acknowledgements from kennel clubs or breed associations.

Continental Bulldog

By breeding the English Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldogge. This is the breed which originated in Switzerland, became more contemporary. In order to address health concerns that are commonly present in English Bulldogs, this breed of Continental Bulldog was carefully bred to maintain its unique appearance and disposition. Despite all of its benefits, the breed isn’t very popular in the rest of Switzerland and isn’t recognized by the most elite kennel groups.

Valley Bulldog

An enjoyable hybrid breed, the Valley Bulldog was created by combining the English Bulldog and Boxer breeds. The joyful and energetic Boxer personality is combined with the solid build and loving attitude of the Bulldog in this unique blend. Which usually incorporates characteristics from both parent breeds. The attachment and fidelity of Valley Bulldogs to their owners are well known. A lot of people form strong relationships with their relatives. They are generally devoted and affectionate creatures, despite the fact that their looks and actions vary.

Aussie Bulldog

Bulldogs in Australia With their medium-sized, well-muscled bodies and long, wrinkled noses, Australian Bulldogs and English Bulldogs are quite similar in appearance. All things considered, the Australian Bulldog specifically bred to thrive in the country’s climate and topography. Australian Bulldogs are known for their loving and affectionate lifestyle and are a popular option for a family pet, much like their English counterparts.

Boston Terrier

The great history of the Boston Terriers begins during the bloodsport era of the 19th century in England. The development of canines fit for rat competitions involved the crossbreeding of terrier and bulldog breeds. Boston Terriers, despite their humble beginnings, have developed into energetic, friendly, and loving pets. They have become cherished family pets because of their intellect, loving speech pattern, sociability with kids, and amiability with other canines. They have captured the hearts and minds of dog lovers everywhere with their endearing personalities and unique tuxedo-like outfits.

English Mastiff

Mastiffs are distinguished by their enormous heads, unusual stature, and characteristic black masks. They giant breeds known for their powerful build and authoritative demeanor. One of the most distinguishing features of the mastiff breed their black face, which is frequently used to accentuate their gorgeous appearance. Despite their size, mastiffs are adored by many families for their gentle nature and devoted nature.


In Conclusion, Bully dog breeds have long been known to fulfill their protective and guardian functions. It’s important to understand that even though some people have engaged in cruel behaviors like bull baiting in the past, their actions in those situations do not define who they are as a person. By appropriate socialization, education, and responsible parenting, Bully dog breeds are sure to be wonderful companions. They frequently commended for their fidelity, affection, and fortitude, which amply demonstrates their capacity to develop into devoted pets given the right environment and care. Dispelling the myths and false beliefs surrounding the bully breed is essential, and each dog should assessed according to its own personality and temperament.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Popular Bully?

The most popular bully are English BullDog, French BullDog and Boston Berrier.

Why they Called bully Breeds?

This is due to their similar roots as guardian dogs as well as combatants with the ability to fight the bull.

What type of dogs are Called bully Breeds?

Terrier-type dogs called bully breeds.

Are bully breeds Aggressive by Nature?

Many dogs of the bully breed frequently labeled as vicious and aggressive.

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