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Top 10 Small Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

by Selena Davis
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One of the top 10 small dog breeds may have in common is their size. While some breeds seem more relaxed and value their freedom, others are recognized for having brave and adventurous personality qualities. Their coats can be long and flowing, or they might be straight and thin or tightly curled. Some varieties are energetic and ready for a game of fetch, but you can also come across cute animals who just want to cuddle up on your lap.

You’ll probably find the breed that’s the ideal fit for your family among the many different personality qualities represented in small dog breeds. Different personalities, behavior levels, and coat types are exhibited by the breeds they represent.


Because of its smooth, white coat, the Maltese is typically the first breed that comes to mind when someone thinks of little dogs.

The most energetic dogs are Maltese puppies who are well-known for being lap dogs. They are also a pleasure to play with. Their background as rat hunters accounts for their composure. The trained canines are eager to show off their tricks and can be friendly with people of any age.

The elegant and long coats of Maltese breeds are well known. But in order to make upkeep easier, a lot of pet owners decide to keep their fur short. Because knots and tangles are avoided with a shorter grooming style, it is easier to maintain daily.

With an intriguing and illustrious history, the Maltese breed dates back to the early eras of human civilization. “Roman ladies’ dog” is the nickname given to the breed. Throughout the Roman Empire, women had a deep affection for Maltese dogs.


Pomeranians are adored for their unique looks and lively, inquisitive personalities. Their happy dispositions, fox-like traits, and velvety fur set them apart from other breeds. Pomeranians are intelligent, alert, and quick-witted despite their diminutive size, making them wonderful companions and watchdogs.

They enjoy mingling and taking short walks to be active and stimulated. They can readily adapt to a variety of situations, whether they are metropolitan or more calm.

Pomeranians’ double coats emphasize the significance of grooming. Brushing is crucial to preventing matting and maintaining the beauty and well-maintained condition of the fur. Additionally, maintaining their dental health requires practicing good oral hygiene. Pomeranians enjoy being lap dogs, but regular exercise keeps them intellectually and physically active, which has many positive effects.

Learn about the fascinating tale of the biggest dog in the world and discover how its remarkable size captivated people worldwide.


Chihuahuas are small dogs breeds recognized for their unique personalities, which often exceed their dimensions. They’ve got a fascinating history that dates back to ancient civilizations in the pre-Columbian period. They have distinctive features like round “apple” eyelashes, expressive eyes, and straight ears that all contribute to their attractive appearance. Chihuahua are also among the top 10 small dog breeds.

Chihuahuas offer a wide range of coat styles and colors that can be paired with short or long hair. Despite their tiny dimensions, they’re renowned for their loyalty, charm, and confidence-building manner.

Although small in stature, chihuahuas are well suited for city living and typically feel at ease in their owners’ laps. To succeed in diverse settings however kids do need ongoing teaching. Chihuahuas require frequent grooming. Both brushing their hair and cutting their nails are part of it. keeping their ears clean to prevent infection and practicing good oral care to avoid problems. Smaller dogs don’t need as much exercise as larger breeds, even though they are still a lot of fun to romp about with.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a very well-liked American dog breed that is distinguished by its unique tuxedo-like coat with black tones and frequently white markings. Their sturdy can compact form and their owners’ expressive gaze set them apart.

Boston Terriers are well known for having vivacious and endearing personalities. They are frequently described as possessing a combination of wit and intelligence. These canines are intelligent, alert, and full of energy. They also find that spending time with their families is amazing. Despite their tendency to be devoted to a single individual, they are often kind and respectful to others.

Because of their shorter coats, Boston Terriers often just need to be brushed on a regular basis to keep their appearance tidy and to remove any stray hair. Many Boston Terriers have gorgeous nose wrinkles. Frequent cleaning is necessary to prevent dirt and dust accumulation, which lowers the risk of infections or skin irritation near the wrinkles. This kind of consistent grooming program contributes to the overall health and wellness that Boston Terriers are known for.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu Shih Tzus are referred to as “lion dogs” because of their endearing eyes and charming facial expressions. Shih Tzus make wonderful apartment pets and are excellent with kids. The lovely coat comes in a variety of colors.

To keep their coats looking amazing and to prevent matting and knots, this breed has to be cleaned every day and given occasional baths. Frequent grooming may maintain the stunning coat of a Shih Tzu in both good health and attractiveness.

Top 10 small dog breeds like Shih Tzus don’t require a lot of physical activity. Because of this, they make excellent choices for both indoor and shorter walks. Because of their inclination to please, positive reinforcement is necessary for both their behavior and development. Due to their origins in Tibet, most expensive dog breeds by imperial breeders during the period and are hence heavily represented in Chinese historical records.


The pug is one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world and is often listed among the top 10 small dog breeds, known for its distinctive features such as its expressive eyes, crinkled eyebrows, and curly tail. The pug is known for having a lively and affectionate personality. The breed is a great companion for homes with kids and pets because they often have a calm temperament. They are generally recognized for their love of slumber however because of their small noses, they may have trouble breathing and snoring.

The pug sheds yet its thin coat requires little maintenance. For this reason, it’s critical to brush them frequently in order to control stray hair. To maintain the appearance of a clean and healthy dog, it is essential to stay mindful of the wrinkles on their face and avoid the accumulation of dust and filth, especially in the vicinity of their eyes and faces. Regular cleaning of these regions can improve your dog’s welfare and help avoid skin problems.

Regular exercise such as taking leisurely walks around the neighborhood or playing in a secure enclosure is beneficial to pugs. Daily exercise keeps them at their ideal weight, improves their mental health, and prevents boredom, all of which contribute to their overall well-being.

Toy Fox Terrier

Despite their diminutive size, fox terriers have unrivaled tenacity and energy. They have a wonderful attitude and character, despite just being a little over a foot tall. Originally bred to hunt the rodents that were discovered in barnyards, they swiftly adapted to become cherished household pets that enjoy cuddles and games.

Grooming needs for toy fox terriers are minimal. To maintain their appearance, periodic bathing and nail cutting are all that are needed. Families with active children and apartment buildings would find them ideal due to their agility, alertness, and love of exercise. Because of their small size, even though their boundless activity makes them the ideal child, it’s important to keep them under control.


Poodles are well-known for their exceptional grace, intelligence, and hypoallergenic fur which makes them popular among pet-seekers and families. Even though they frequently compete in dog shows, their special qualities as pets shouldn’t be overlooked. To accommodate diverse living situations and personal preferences, poodles are available in several sizes, such as toy and miniature.

Miniature and toy poodles are well known for their intelligence, athleticism, and capacity for training. Both sizes can be competitive athletes but the Toy Poodle tends to be more delicate and may need a calmer home, so they are more suited for households with little children. Conversely, miniature poodles are strong and versatile, and they often do well in households with kids. Both breeds are excellent in dog-related sports and are capable of learning challenging skills.

Poodles are very energetic and benefit greatly from frequent exercise. Swimming, going on long walks, and participating in sports are all excellent ways to increase an animal’s vitality and provide them with mental stimulation.


With its enormous ears that resemble butterflies and its silky fur, the Papillon is a wonderfully charming and resilient breed of toy. Papillons are incredibly brave and strong for such a fragile-seeming breed. They interact in activities with their pet owners and have a lively, inquisitive personality.

They are constantly interested in their environment. Because they are small in stature, papillons should be kept under observation while around furniture, stairs, and larger animals to prevent accidents or injuries. Papillons make enchanting and devoted family pets of all sizes when they are well-loved and given the right care.

As far as grooming goes, they are easy to maintain. All they need to keep their glossy coats in place is routine washing and conditioning. Despite their elegant appearance, they are lively, smart dogs that love playing and going on adventures outside. Papillons have a rich history and have been included in well-known artwork for a long time. They were bred to be the companions of ladies of the highest status. They are incredibly popular family pets because of their excitement and amiable demeanor.

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier also referred to as Yorkie,” is well-known for having a distinctively silky coat. This small dog breed is highly sought-after and in style.The lively, bold, and vivacious personalities that characterize Yorkshire Terriers are among their distinctive terrier attributes. In addition to being intelligent and trainable, they typically get along well with animals. Furthermore, because of their vigilant nature, Yorkies make great guard dogs. They may nevertheless, reveal the ugly aspects of their pet owners. Additionally, they usually like to be close to their owner.

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies as they are commonly called active dogs that like to be active, but only in moderation. Dogs receive both physical and emotional stimulation from engaging in a variety of activities, like going on family walks with their owners, playing in the sun, and helping them with errands. These activities can improve the owners’ general health. Maintaining an appropriate weight, sustaining energy levels, and preventing feelings of boredom are all made possible for Yorkies with regular exercise.


In conclusion, small dog breeds are just as intelligent and capable as larger dogs. These little dogs are incredibly trainable, have excellent problem-solving skills, and learn quickly. Little dogs are excellent at a variety of jobs and activities, whether they are the shrewd Chihuahua or the vigilant and quick Jack Russell Terrier. When choosing a top 10 small dog breeds, it’s important to take into account aspects other than IQ, like temperament, energy level, and lifestyle compatibility. Regardless of size, raising a devoted and knowledgeable friend requires lots of love, care, mental exercise, and educational chances.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #1 small dog breed?

Chihuahua is the #1 small dog breed.

What is the most well behaved small dog breeds?

The Maltese breed is often one of the initial choices that come to mind when considering small dogs.

What is the best small dog to have as a family pet?

Boston Terrier is the best small dog to have as a family pet.

What is the most loyal small dog?

Chihuahua is the most loyal small dog.

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