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KFC Menu With Prices And Popular Menu Items in 2024

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KFC offers a variety of foods, and it is recognized as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Harland Sanders found KFC. KFC is famous for its crispy fried chicken, which millions worldwide enjoy. KFC Menu has fantastic meals and snacks and is well known for its 11 herbs and spices. 

They provides football meal deals for parties and groups of 4 and 6. It comes with four chicken sandwiches, six extra crispy tenders, two large sides of your choice, four biscuits, and a beverage bucket. These meal deals are perfect for watching football with your loved ones.

KFC’s Menu with prices includes sandwiches, fried chicken, tenders, buckets, pot pies, and bowls. KFC has the largest selection of American meals and satisfy

with yummy tastes that will fill you up. 

What Are The KFC Menu With Prices?

If you want the KFC pricing, you have come to the perfect place. A comprehensive list of the KFC Menu items with pricing can be found below. Check out this KFC Menu with prices if you want to eat something different. 

For your appetite, there are all the menu items, such as poutine. All KFC Menu items are listed with the prices, depending on location. It can be the standard Menu or the secret Menu that includes this. Looking at this page, you may find something that satisfies your taste buds or pocket.

KFC Bucket Pricing & Menu (KFC Family Meal Deals)

How much is a bucket of chicken at KFC? KFC family meal deals include different combinations of chicken buckets, meals, sides, drinks, and Fill-Up. Prices for KFC family meal deals can vary depending on the locations. The items are tasty and yummy as they will fulfill your inner taste buds. It comes in sizes like 8, 12 pc, and 16 pc. The calories vary with the amount of size. In 8 pc, you get 2300 to 4980 calories. As the number of pieces increases, you will get more calories. Prices also increase with the amount of pieces. The item’s price starts from $25 to $31. You will be charged according to the pieces.

KFC Chicken Tenders Menu

Gratify in the tasty KFC chicken tenders menu, where crispy ideal meets the flavors. The delicious chicken tenders are yummy, golden brown, crunchy, and juicy. The spicy hot tenders are mouthfuls that will delight your taste buds. The KFC chicken tenders are served with a range of dipping KFC Sauces that provide an enjoyable experience. KFC’s chicken tenders menu showcases the creativity of fried chicken. The KFC chicken tenders menu includes:

  • Tinder-tenders.
  • Tinder-combo.
  • Hot-tenders combo Nashville.
  • Popcom-nuggets combo.
  • Tenders-meal and tenders-bucket.

Each item has a size range like 3pc, 4pc, 5pc, 8pc and 16pc. The calories vary from 1560-2680, increasing according to the size. The price starts from $14 to $44. KFC Menu with prices already included, and prices can be increased with the amount pc like five pc with $9.45 and 16 pc with $44.99

KFC Featured Menu 

KFC’s Featured Menu offers feelings and an appetite for the senses. The Menu offers extensive options and is prepared to cater to tastes. Tinders are an excellent option for individuals wanting a healthy and mouthwatering dinner. This comes in various sizes and has a calorie range of 1560-2680 for the low price of $14.89. 

The Thigh-Combo and Drum are sized at two PCs, providing a delightful balance. The calorie range is 540-1100, and delicious costs a tempting $6.00. The Thigh-Big Box and Drum are now available in a two-pc package for an enormous appetite. It has a calorie range of 550-1610, which is $7.99. The sandwich lover’s choices are as appealing. The sandwiches are lunch with touchdown-tenders and have calorie ranges of 4700-7430. It provides a packed lunch for $38.49. The sandwiches (Tailgate-Bundle) have a calorie range of 3040-4280 and are reasonably priced at $26.49. The Sandwich KFC (Chicken-Combo) has a calorie range of 690-1160, providing a delicious sandwich experience for $8.49.

KFC Sandwich Menu

Delight your taste buds with the appealing pleasures of the KFC Sandwich Menu, which caters to all tastes. The Sandwiches-lunch and Touchdown-Tenders caries a calorie range of 4700-7430 and satisfying lunch for $38.49. For those looking for a great yet economical choice, the Sandwiches-(Tailgate-Bundle) offer a pleasant experience with a calorie range of 3040-4280, all for $26.49.

The Sandwich KFC (Chicken-Combo) is an excellent option for a quick and enjoyable meal, with a calorie range of 690-1160 and a low price of $8.49. The Chicken-Sandwich Box (KFC) takes gluttony to the next level, with a calorie range of 830-1620 and a price tag of $10.49.

The Chicken Sandwich (KFC) and Chicken-Little are excellent choices if you prefer something lighter. The Chicken Sandwich costs 620-650 calories and costs $5.49, while the Chicken Little contains 300-540 calories and costs $2.99. Choose the Chicken-Little Combo for a more complete experience, with calories ranging from 670 to 1190 for only $6.99. The KFC Sandwich Menu offers a variety of flavors and pricing, assuring a pleasing experience for all sandwich lovers.

Craving KFC coleslaw? Try this copycat recipe, it’s easy and tastes just like the real thing!

KFC Fried Chicken

Enjoy the delicate nature of KFC Fried Chicken with our exciting Menu. The Thigh-Combo and Drum 2 pc is $6.00 and offers a beautiful calorie range of 540-1100. Choose for the Thigh-Big Box and Drum in 2 pc available at $7.99 with a calorie range of 550-1610.

The Breast-Combo at $6.79 offers a calorie range of 580-1340. Experience variation with the Chicken-Combo (Wings and Breast) and two pc for $7.79, using a calorie range of 530-1390.

The Chicken-Combo selections offer three PC combos of wings, thighs, and breasts at $9.49. Or go for the 4-piece Chicken-Combo for $10.99, which has a calorie range of 760-1890.

The Chicken-Box selections with three pc combinations of wings, thighs, and breasts are $9.99. Our KFC Menu with Prices caters to all fried chicken appetites.

KFC Pot Pies & Bowls

KFC Pot Pies & Bowls offers a wide range of substantial options. Indulge in the classic Breast flavors that vary in calories from 210 to 530 and cost $4.49. The Drum is a lighter option, with calories ranging from 80 to 170. It costs $3.99. Thigh enthusiasts will appreciate this savory selection with a calorie range of 150-330, costing $3.99.

For just $2.99 per month, you can get a crunch of wings with calorie counts ranging from 70 to 170. If you prefer tenderness, the Tender has a calorie range of 390-530 and is an excellent choice for $2.19.

The KFC Famous Bowl, available at $5.99, offers a well-balanced and delicious dinner with calories ranging between 840 and 1120. Choose from the cozy Pot-Pie with 720 calories for $5.99. KFC Pot Pies & Bowls offer many options to suit any craving or budget.

Sides Menu

Enjoy the fantastic selection of sides on the KFC Sides Menu, which are ideal for combining with your main entrée. The Secret Recipe Fries have 230-930 calories and cost $3.19. Mashed Potatoes with Gravy have a calorie range of 130-590 and are also available for $3.19.

Dip into the rich flavors of Cheese and Mac, which range from 140 to 540 calories and are available for $3.19. The flaky and tasty Biscuit has 180 calories and was offered at only $0.99. For an appealing crunch, the Cole Slaw, with a calorie range of 170-640, is a great choice for $3.19.

Enrich the meal with the flavorsome Sauce, which ranges in calories from 80 to 130 and costs $3.19. If you prefer mashed potatoes without gravy, the option with a calorie range of 110-460 costs $3.19. Complete your meal with nutritious Whole-Kernel Corn, which contains 70-280 calories and costs an attractive $3.19. From crispy fries to creamy mashed potatoes, KFC’s Sides Menu has many choices to enhance your eating experience. My secret to reheating KFC chicken without drying it out: air fryer all the way!

Sauces Menu

Improve your KFC meal with our Sauces Menu. Buffalo-Ranch provides a zesty flavor at 120 calories for only $0.39. Enjoy the tasty KFC sauce, a deal at 90 calories for $0.39. Relish in the tasty variety of Honey-BBQ at 40 calories for $0.39. Classic favorites like Honey-Mustard (120 calories) and Classic-Ranch (100 calories) are outstanding at the same price.

For a sweet touch, consider Honey-Sauce (30 calories) or Hot-Sauce, both available on the house. Dive into the familiar taste of ketchup with zero calories. Our KFC Sauces Menu is priced at $0.39 or gratis, providing a personalized and inexpensive flavor experience with each bite.

Desserts & Beverages

Sweeten your KFC experience with Desserts & Beverages. The Chocolate Chip Cookie for just $0.99 and with 120 calories.

Quench your thirst with a variety of beverages:

  • Diet-Pepsi (0 cal) for $2.39
  • Pepsi (250-380 cal) for $2.39
  • Mountain Dew (Sweet Lightning) (160-230 cal) for $2.39
  • Mountain Dew (270-410 cal) for $2.39
  • Sierra Mist (260-380 cal) for $2.39
  • Aquafina (0 cal) for $1.99
  • Colonel (Lemonade) (140-210 cal) for $2.19
  • Colonel-Strawberry (Lemonade) (170-260 cal) for $2.39
  • Dr. Pepper (240-360 cal) for $2.39
  • Sweet Tea (280-430 cal) for $2.39

For a larger thirst, the Half-Gallon Beverage offers 0-910 calories at $3.99. Treat yourself with our Desserts & Beverages, providing a sweet ending or a refreshing sip at affordable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does KFC have any vegan food items on the menu?

KFC’s menu normally does not include many vegan options, but certain stores may have plant-based alternatives such as vegan burgers or nuggets.

Does KFC offer any special discounts on the menu?

KFC provides regular discounts and promotions that vary by location and time. As for current deals, visit the official website or contact your local KFC.

Does KFC offer holiday meals?

KFC may provide special holiday promos or meals during various seasons, but it offering can vary according to location and year.

What’s the average cost of a meal at KFC in America?

On average, a single meal at KFC may range from $5 to $10 per person.

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